4K 3D 360° VR EGX 2017 Omen by HP HPZ VR Backpack PC Mobile Oculus HTC Vive Windows MR

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literally the coolest VR gadget at the show the HPZ VR Backpack PC yes I want one... tap the VR icon don your tethered VR / Mobile VR helmet and be there in 4K 3D 360 VR @ EGX 2017 to find out why... the specs given to me on the day are for a lower powered ( 1080 + 8 GB RAM !) machine, on the HP website the specs are 16 GB Nvidia Quadro with 32GB RAM which may just suffice for in VR interactive XR video content creation, which is what mine will be used for .... ( when I finish saving up/this video goes viral) ...

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