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This video was captured and edited by Nick Childers, Dennis
Childers and the Gotham Paranormal Research

Gotham Paranormal Research Society from New York City participated in a group paranormal investigation during the national TAPS family reunion in Louisville, Kentukcy this year at one of the most haunted places in the world- Waverly Hills Sanatorium. From 1910-1961, it was one of the world's best tuberculosis treatment centers before a cure was discovered. However, many painful experiments were conducted as many patients died agonizing deaths. Their ghosts still linger the halls and can mostly be detected through Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) when picked up on sensitive audio recording devices. Gotham PRS was able to pick up a couple as well as was able to wander the building's morgue, operation room and body chute, where bodies where slid down a factory tunnel for cremation.

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