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A Christian Rau Production in Association with Uwe Schüder
Created & Directed by Christian Rau: https://christianrau.com
Cast: Uwe Schüder alias Flying Uwe: https://instagram.com/flyinguwe

Bejo Dohmen, Robert Maaser, Amrei Haardt, Mai Duong Kieu & the Voice of Charles Rettinghaus
Cinematographer: Conrad Lobst BVK‐GSC
Costume Designer: Teresa Grosser
Music by Andrew Reich
Visual Effects Supervisor: Florian Füger
Production Designer | Senior CG Environment Artist: Alexander Pohl
Motion Graphic Title Design by Mark Huff
CG Environments by Lumatic GmbH & Co. KG Animation | VFX
Visual Effects & 360° Compositing by Stargate Germany GmbH
Fight Concept by Impulse - Action Design UG
Gefördert vom Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
© by Christian Rau 2018

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