Vuze 3D 4K 360° VR San Francisco : me vs the Streets of San Francisco Lombard Street

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tap the VR icon don a VR HMD and walk with me in 4K 3D 360° VR as I take on the streets (hills) of San Francisco ... in 29 /30 degree heat. The Feiyutech gimbal gave up at certain points ( as did I almost) . Still you'll get to be at some cool vantage points, and run down Lombard Street. I think late in the day the gimbal battery had been exhausted ( usually lasting around 3 to 5 hours of use ) . I will go back and edit this video later, but doing so will remove the memory of exhaustion and heat and the point ... testing where the gimbal fails ... so I can compare others at a later date ... Running down the winding slope of Lombard Street ( not entirely legal) is a great test of how/if the Feiyutech Gimbal keeps the Vuze 3D horizon stable

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