INVRS3D Presents: AMP - The Shambhala VR Experience Promo (3D 360°)

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Grab your favorite VR Headset and experience a few magical moments from Shambhala Music Festival's 20th year. AMP - The Shambhala VR Experience is the first of four VR Experiences created from stereo 3D 360 video captured at Shambhala 20. Catch an immersive glimpse into some of the day and night stage highlights and includes clips and music from Shambhala favorites, SkiiTour and Longwalkshortdock.

Download the complete experience in UHD 3D 360 for mobile VR and premium 5K 3D 360 Windows Mixed Reality and SteamVR. Only at

With an impressive number of debut North American appearances from a wide range of international producers, the AMPhitheatre features some of the newest and most innovative sounds on the planet. Throw in some familiar faces, a ridiculously stacked night of back-to-back sets, and a long list of veteran first-timers being amplified by a recently upgraded PK Sound system – and you’ve got yourself a bass-fueled beatdown like no other!

Village - The Shambhala VR Experience (Jan 5)
Pagoda - The Shambhala VR Experience (Jan 15)
Shambhala 20 - A Virtual Reality Experience (Jan 31)

Samsung Gear VR | Google Daydream View | Apple iPhone w/Cardboard
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From Windows MR, launch the Vimeo App available from the Microsoft Store and click the VR headset icon.

SteamVR (HTC Vive or Windows MR): Copy either youtube link from above and paste into your favorite Youtube Streaming App (eg, Virtual Desktop)


SkiiTour - Fade

Longwalkshortdock - I Don't Like the Heat

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