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This is a 360 video of Hans Krása Quartet. Producers Petr Šoupa and Barletta used G’Audio Lab’s Pro Tools plugin, Works, to spatialize the audio. In this FOA format, the audio quality of the spatial mix and object localization accuracy is reduced. Better quality in GA5 is available upon request.

Hans Krása Quartet (HKQ)
Šárka Petříková - violin
Jan Palouček- violin
Jan Forest - viola
Marie Dorazilová - violoncello

Leoš Janáček
String Quartet No. 1 / Adagio - Con Moto

Director of Photography
Robert Roszbeck

Recorded at HAMU
Ondřej Urban

Spatial Sound Mix
Petr Šoupa

(c) 2017 Barletta, Cinq, Petr Šoupa

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