3D 360 VR video test 1 @ EGX 2016 : Quad Kodak Pix Pro 4K 360 cameras

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read the full article on 2D & 3D 360° VR & MR blogging EGX 2016 https://t.co/VW9FreVyzx this is a snippet of a 3D VR video test I did @ EGX 2016 , can you feel the depth , ( ignore everything else going on) . Tap the Google Cardboard icon and look into that tunnel , hit pause to better appreciate the 3D , there will be parallax issues towards the sides , but this shows 3D VR video is possible with 4 Kodak Pix Pro 360s ... the full video this snippet comes from , follows as well as the 2D 4K version ... as I go on I will refine the stitching to remove the parallax and cameras in shot ... Also youtube messes with the quality which is annoying!

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