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Long live the king of nightmares.
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I hope you liked the tease at the very end of this episode. Guess whose coming to 360 | Horror next?
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Direction & Story by Tony E. Valenzuela
Produced by BlackBoxTV Studios
Executive Producer: Kyle Sleeper
Creative Producer: Jarrett Sleeper
Image and Camera: Tony E. Valenzuela
Image Device: Ricoh Theta S
Thanks to Collab Creators, James McFadden, Eric Jacks, Lincoln Smith and YouTube.

Slender Man
Voice of Lil' Tony - Tony E. Valenzuela
Lil' Tony's Friend - Jarrett Sleeper

Music By Brandon Roberts and Jason Scardamalia
Edited by BlackBoxTV

Filmed in:
Bellingham, Washington (Thanks to Don & Eileen Landis)
Warren, New Jersey (Thanks to Erik and Meredith Valenzuela)

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