[3D-360 sightseeing] Bell Tower of Todaiji temple in Nara Japan

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[3D-360 panorama video] Walking through the bell tower of Todaiji temple in Nara Japan

立体視パノラマ360度ビデオ - 奈良・東大寺の鐘楼をくぐる

To see this video in 3D-360 panorama mode, please see below.
*PC/Mac : Use Chrome browser, then you will see 3D option for anaglyph 3D. Red-Cyan glasses are required.
*Android phone : Use YouTube App, then you will see Google Cardboard icon for VR mode. HMD such as Google Cardboard is required.
*Other devices : Sorry, at this time you are not able to see in 3D-360 panorama mode. You will see in 2D mode or just over/under screen.

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