[360°VR SEOUL] 24Hours are not enough! Fun Activities only in Seoul | 24시간이 모자라! 차은우가 서울 액티비티 다 알려줌.

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“다시 여행이 시작되면 그 시작은 서울이 되길 바래”
차은우가 안내하는 360°VR 서울 랜선여행, 마지막 이야기.
오직 서울에서 즐길 수 있는 다양하고 매력적인 액티비티를 소개합니다.
24시간 즐거움으로 가득한 서울 여행, 함께해요!

A new Seoul guide to enjoy Seoul- Finale of 360° VR tour around Seoul with Cha Eun-woo.
Not sure what to do in Seoul?
See what activities you can do in the diverse and attractive places of Seoul right now.
Share with someone the places you want to enjoy your activities together with.
When your journey begins, we hope it begins in Seoul!

[Seoul Forest]
The public bicycle Eun-woo is riding is called ‘Ttareungi’ and everyone can ride it in Seoul Forest!
Ride Ttareungi through Seoul Forest for an amazing adventure.

[Namsan Mountain’s Baekbeom Square]
Baekbeom Square Park is recommended in the morning with great sunlight.
As you walk along the trail surrounded by castle walls, there is a wide lawn park!

[A One-day Korean Cooking Class]
The trend of travel these days, Living like a local!
In Seoul, you can have the experience of making and eating Korean food yourself.
The dish made by Eun-woo is Korean’s soul food “Tteokbokki”.

[A One-day Ceramics Class]
If you are interested in Korean traditional culture,
how about making your own traditional Korean ceramics in Seoul?

[Master the latest Kpop choreography]
Getting known worldwide, Korea’s popular K-pop!
1MILLION Dance Studio is a place where you can learn K-Pop dances.
The fact that a famous Korean choreographer can teach K-Pop dances directly to you is exciting.

[Aquarium & Seoul Sky]
Aquarium, the sea in downtown Seoul.
If you walk through the ocean tunnel, you will feel like you are in the sea!
Seoul Sky, the tallest observatory in Korea,
is the observatory that goes all the way up to the 123rd floor!
You can see how Seoul wears different clothes according to the four seasons, day and night!

[Activities to do at Hangang River]
When you speak/think of Seoul, Hangang River mush be in it.
Did you know that you can enjoy the night view of Seoul on a yacht?
In addition, you can physically drive the tubesters with many other water attractions.

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