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On 1st of october 2013 i composed a riff and uploaded a short video to one of my old channels of it and later made a whole ukulele song from it with some changes to the tempo and rhythm, that became what is in the previous video on this channel that was my first 3D music video. This version is closer to the original idea rhytmically in terms of the original riff that came to my mind on 1st of october 2013.

On 2nd of June 2020 i had an idea to make a new ukulele song that would have feel of the sunny summer weather that inspired most of this version and decided to include the original riff to it and in a short time improvised the rest of it. Then on 4th of June 2020 i decided to shoot 360 video with Samsung Gear 360 camera, of myself playing that song on the roof. On the same day i decided to make it into a 360 music video and recorded the audio with Marshall London smartphone and used different 360 video clips i had recorded between 1st and 4th of June 2020 to make this look a bit like a normal music video but in 360. I edited and uploaded this video to You Tube also on 4th of June 2020 on this TODELLISUUSMEDIA MUSIC You Tube channel. This is my first 360 music video.
(Kai Tarmo Uolevi Wallin June 4. 2020)

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