Postcard Boy - Company (360° Interactive Music Video)

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“Company” by Postcard Boy, from Limbo EP

Drag your mouse around on the screen or look your phone around. I jumped around Hollywood Boulevard like an idiot holding a selfie stick. enjoy :)


be my friend:

I just wanted to know you
Have somebody to
Sea from afar
Even my own neighbor
I am a foreigner to
So far removed

Is it not right
Oh, is it a crime
To want to belong
To want to be wanted

I just wanted to know you
Have somebody to
What I’ve been searching for
Was a little bit of comfortability
People and honesty, honestly

Not the type to call
I like privacy and time to me
But I really need company
But I really need company

See me go out into and find nobody who
Seems to want to do exactly what I want to

I’m like America
Too esoterical
Will it ever get better?
Two hundred years later

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