5K 360° VR Tour // Lakanto Monk Fruit Farms in Guilin China (2020)

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Few people have the privilege of seeing these remote farms where monk fruit is grown. The farmers use traditional methods that have been used for centuries. Everything is cultivated and picked by hand. The farmers have to hike to the farms each day. The monk fruit is then sent to an extraction plant to make a delicious, calorie-free, zero-glycemic sweetener or used in tea by the locals.

Learn more about the sustainably-farmed, seed-to-sweetener process at https://bit.ly/2XgP4Dn

This 360 VR video will video transport you right into the remote mountain farms, under the monk fruit canopies to experience the sights and sounds of this century-old farming tradition.

For the best viewing experience, watch in full definition 5K or with a Virtual Reality VR headset.


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