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IRAN/Isfahan/ Location: 32.6342748,51.6551507
Music speaks for souls. No matter where you come from, you will understand the joy, fear, bravery, happiness, and sadness of music as it’s an international language for all. Isfahan Music Museum is a perfect place to get to know how Persians speak in this unique way by their very own musical instruments throughout history. Let’s have a closer look at this cultural treasury that is Tripadvisor’s best choice for Isfahan attractions.
You will find your way through the Armenian Quarter in Jolfa houses and feel fresh as you are surrounded by beautiful tall trees that already set a dreamy landscape for you to be ready to visit this very special museum. This scene is Perfectly reflecting the love of museum founders, renowned musicians, Mehrdad Jeihooni and Shahriar Shokrani who have assembled more than 300 pieces of national and folk musical instruments not only from Iran but from all over the world that you may not even have heard of many of them. The price might seem a little high compared to other museums in Iran, but trust us; it is worth every single penny. Since the opening in December 2015, not only this museum became an homage to different types of musical instruments, but a lot of music lovers and players have visited this museum as well. You will have the pleasure of hearing the heavenly sound of live music in one section of the museum. There are seven sections in Isfahan Music Museum. In each section, there are interesting things to see and even learn. Let’s have a quick look at these sections.
In the hall of national instruments, you will see a variety of instruments that are in common use by Iranian. In this part, you will have the honor to meet the ancestor of modern Guitar and Violin! Tar, Daf, Chang (Harp), and Kamancheh are Persian forefathers of these instruments. Santoor (Hammered Dulcimer) and Ghanun are other examples.
In this sector, you can see more unknown musical instruments that are originated in particular parts of Iran. Like Robab which is a stringy musical instrument that is commonly played in the eastern part of the country.
If you are interested in knowing great musicians of Iran and especially Isfahan, this section is perfect for you. You can get familiar with these characters and their lives and how they affected Persian music.
In this interesting part of the museum, you have the chance to see how musical instruments are built and how different parts of them are bound together. Also, you will notice how each piece generates the sound.
You are definitely going to love this part. Passionate players will perform musical instruments live and you will hear the fabulous sound of Persian Rhythms. And the best part? You can try each instrument and play it!
After seeing such interesting parts of the Isfahan Music Museum, now it’s time to relax and enjoy a hot or cold drink and maybe some snacks in the museum café.
You can get a souvenir that will remind you of your visit to the Music Museum. The museum gift shop offers a wide variety of cultural products such as music albums, musical instruments, and other cultural products related to music.

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