What Wormholes Would Actually Look Like According To Physics (VR/360)

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Using relativistic raytracing I created 360 videos of what it looks like to travel through wormholes. We've seen wormholes in TV Shows, Movies and Video games but very few get this right. There are many formulations for wormhole geometry, and I use two, the Ellis wormhole (also known as Morris-Thorne) and the DNEG wormhole used for the movie 'Interstellar'

The starting point for this was the paper which describes the geometry of the wormhole used in Interstellar which describes the geometry they used and an algorithm
Unfortunately this algorithm uses a coordinate system which causes singularities that generate errors in some parts of the view which made it bad for 360 cameras, so I improved the system to make it safe and also thousands of times faster. (
The basis for the code is David Madore's black hole rendering code (black holes are coming soon) but everything has been changed at this point and I've added a ton of new features.

Many of the skymaps were taken from Eve Online, which introduced wormholes to its game universe 10 years ago in the Apocrypha expansion. I'd originally intended for this to be part of my fanfest presentation before fanfest was cancelled.

There will be a follow up non-360 video showing some other renders and explanations, like what it looks like when we observe someone else falling through a wormhole. Then I'll make the code available on my patreon page.

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