The Hunted by Saint Asonia: Acoustic Version (360° video)

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A 360° video of Saint Asonia performing an acoustic version of "The Hunted" off their latest album Flawed Design. Adam Gontier (vocals/guitar), Mike Mushok (Guitar), Cale Gontier (Bass/Vocals), Cody Watkins (cahón) perform.
Shot at The Six String Grill & Stage in Foxborough, Mass. 12/20/19.

The Hunted
Saint Asonia
Flawed Design 2019

**This is a 360° video, for best viewing make sure the resolution of the video is set to the max setting your device will handle. Use your mouse or finger to explore around the video or simply move your mobile device around to see all 360 degrees.

Produced by The VR Sessions
Video shot with GoPro 360 Hero 14 Camera Rig
Audio Mix by Greg Tobler
Audio Recording by George Politis

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