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ARIPI is a story about an astronaut who, as a child, dreamed of flying and being free. And now it seems he’s flying in the sky, but actually, he’s locked in the capsule of a spacecraft. One day, minor problems lead to bigger problems, causing the spaceship to lose control and collapse on Earth. Now, the astronaut should once again spread the wings of his dreams and return to childhood.


Produced & directed by: Dmitri Voloshin
CG Supervisor: Sergiu Chirillov
Project manager: Ana Volosinovici

Story: Dmitri Voloshin, Anastasia Berzoy, Sergiu Chirillov
Composer: Elias Tadeus
Art Director: Dmitri Travnicov

Storyboard & 2D animatic: Serdar Djumaev, Alexandra Graur
Lead Storyboard & 2D animatic: Constantin Fana
Concept art & Character design: Serdar Djumaev, Dmitrii Travnicov, Tatiana Ketryan, Iulia Zaharova

Modelling & Texturing: Iulia Zaharova, Vladimir Taucci, Andrei Shimbariov, Alexandru Grebencea

Rigging: Valentin Nacu, Eugene Izmailov, Andrei Orehov
Lead animation: Constantin Fana
Animation: Alexandr Pihut, Evghenii Cernisev, Sergiu Badragan, Valentin Nacu, Eugene Izmailov, Iurie Cecoi, Lesya Kunitkaia

VR engineer: Alexandru Slobozian, Maxim Babanu, Evgheni Feldman
VFX: Ghennadi Dochien
CG Generalist: Alexandr Matievschi, Maxim Baraliuc

Graphic designer: Olga Babanu, Anna Brescher
Look development: Dmitrii Travnicov
Editing: Maxim Baraliuc, Constantin Fana, Alexandr Matievschi

Music editor: Elias Tadeus
Music & SFX mixer: Elias Tadeus
SFX editor: Alexandru Tofan
Voice dubbing: Alexandru Tofan, Dmitri Voloshin

Technical support: Serghei Logvinenco, Pavel Botnari
Chief of staff: Ana Volosinovici
Social media manager: Dmitri Iordachi
Public relation: Anna Scheglova
Corporate council: Dorian Doronceanu

Special thanks: Andrei Matcovschi, Roman Stirbu, Macar Severin, Artur Bizgu, Vali Boghean

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