360°| Midnight Motorist Mini Game - First Person Perspective [FNAF6/FFPS] (VR Compatible) Part 1

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In this video, you'll get your chances to experience the Midnight Motorist Mini Game from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator in a 360° scenario. Don't forget to look around and explore your surroundings! ^^

After 4 days of constant animating and editing with an average 14 hours of work time per day (plus an additional 2 days converting the animation in to it's 360 version), I was finally able to piece up this video with pretty impressive results that is presented with what you are seeing here. The map of this video was also built from scratch using existing materials of the SFM workshop all by myself, which wasn't an easy process to be accomplished and it took an enormous amount of time to completed the rendering sequences. Anyways, 360 part 2 of this video will be coming soon, enjoy! :D

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(This is an animation and is NOT real)

Voice Acting credit:

Richard Yu as security guard

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