Sandro Lorier and Paquito Lorier - Gypsy guitar virtuosos | 3D 360 video

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Sit right next to Sandro and Paquito Lorier as they burn the strings of their guitars with brilliant virtuoso musicianship, playing Pharaoh by Tonino Baliardo (Gypsy Kings) inside the basin of a waterfall in Mill Valley, California on September 14, 2019. Paquito Lorier has had an illustrious career playing jazz manouche and gypsy rumba, he's the author of the gypsy jazz standard "Paquito" and has performed with Joe Privat, Babik Reinhardt (the son of Django Reinhardt), Luis Salinas as well as just about every famous jazz manouche musician.

His son, Sondro Lorier, has grown to be quite a force of his own, a popular presence at festivals throughout Europe, often performing with his father.  Sondro is unique in that he doesn't use a pick even when he is playing jazz manouche. He has transferred his flamenco finger technique to all his playing and it is extremely impressive to watch.

Thanks to Dore Coller for his support in helping to make this video possible, including backing mandolin from the side of the cliff.

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