Edgar Allan Poets - Shiver (Celebrities' Demons) #Room301

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Shiver, Celebrities' Demons, a 360 video filmed at the Youtube Space L.A on Stage number 1 #Room301. This Youtube Hotel set has been the perfect location for the new single Shiver by Edgar Allan Poets.
We speak about the Demons of the Celebrities, their wonderful lives are really so wonderful? They struggle with their success, they live in a limbo where reality and imagination are mixed, they don't know why they have so much success and they escape from this situation using drugs or alcohol. This is the Story of Johnny DOPE and Amber Crazy Heart 2 famous celebrities that during Halloween 2016 will face for the first time their fears, their demons.

Mark Anthony Collins Jr (Johnny)
Jennifer Ann Gulotta (Amber)
David Delagarza (Drug Dealer)
Laura Fantuzzi (Hotel Manager)
Silvia Baldassini (Fan)
Robert Broski (Abraham Lincoln)
Kevin Michaels (Paparazzo)
Javier Ortiz ( Paparazzo)
David Jankowski (Receptionist)

Directed By: Chris Mariotti
Recorded with: SAMSUNG GEAR 360.

I’m here for you
She said
All you thought you needed is around you
There’s nothing more
To dream of
There’s nothing more
To wish for

That’s your dream
Without the skin
Just for me
You gambled everything
Now that you have me
How do you feel?
The way was hard
Bud this is unreal

Crippled by you
I shiver I shiver
Humbled by you
I shiver I do

You had it all
But you feel poor
And now you are lost between these fudges
You are alone
The naked truth
Without an aim
You are confused
Do you remember the greatest fight
Now only gloom inside your eyes

Crippled by you
I shiver I shiver
Humbled by you
I shiver I do

What do I have left now
What do I do of me now
Can you still see me?
I’m here, up here

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Discover the world of Edgar Allan Poets "The Noir Rock Band". The Band Inspired by "Edgar Allan Poe" and "Alfred Hitchcock" for their dark and intense sound. Critics and fans do agree that if you enjoy Hitchcock movies and Edgar Allan Poe, the music of the Edgar Allen Poets and the world they want to share is more than worth a listen. It might even be worth two, and forever more.

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