Mingus hang gliding 9-6-19 360 music

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Sorry no telemetry data. File was corrupt. Did a little scratching out front, but finally made it above launch. As always. I am my biggest critic. Yes, I did notice times where I am cross controlling. Why I don't know. I will just be more aware of it next flight. This is the 8th flight in the S3. I get something better every flight. This flight was proper flare timing and altitude hold without popping my nose during transition, from prone to upright, during landing approach. Totally nailed my spot landing. Picked a spot on the ground and landed it there. Just like last week at the fly-in. This is the highest I have been in the S3. I left the thermal because I was getting cold. I never used VG at all on this flight. And I was amazed when I got to the airport and looked back, I was still above launch height. It was also one of those days it took awhile to come down. One thing about Mingus. Is when its working.... Its working!

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