Checkie Brown - Checkie Brown Dilemma (CB 004) - 3D Stereo VR - VUZE (M)

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Next "live jam" video:
Checkie Brown - Live in the "Staubkeller Studios"

We starting now an series with 3D Stereo 360° VR Videos.
You can watch the videos in 2D 360° or in 3D f.e. with your Oculus.
Please comment if you enjoy.

Here you can see in Virtual Reality how we playling
together. Having the little feeling of an "Live Music Jam".
That would not the last VUZE 3D recording of our free music
live jam.
We make even "Gemafreie" ... "Creative Commons Licensed" music

Here our actually 3D VR recordings
You can always watch in a Oculus VR in the 3D mode.
Or you can watch it 2D in your Browser Youtube Player

Checkie Brown - Violence (CB 002)
Funky and Groovie

Checkie Brown - Checkie Brown Dilemma (CB 004)
Funky and Groovie Ballad to Checkie Brown

Checkie Brown - Funky Banane Nightclub (CB 005)
Jazzy, Funky and Groovie

Checkie Brown - Tanzen (CB 003)
Funky, Jazzy and Dance

Checkie Brown Dilemma (CB 004) - Checkie Brown -
Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

Film & Production - Lobo Loco
Recorded with VUZE 360° 3D
Cutitng with Movie Studio 16.0 Platinum

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