Bedtime Music for the Disenfranchised- Side A (360 music video)

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(This is a 360 video. it is more effective to watch with a VR headset, but you can still watch it on your mobile device - you can turn your phone around the room to see different parts of the video. If you have not done this before, I think you will really enjoy it.)

This is Side A of the album which I released in May 2018.

It is a concept album.

It is an idea.

You can get the album on all major streaming services.

The idea of the album is this:

We are born and with this we are thrown into the world of our birth. It is not the same world for everyone. Some are born into middle-class wealth, some upper-middle-class wealth, others lower-middle-class wealth, still others are born into first world poverty; but all of us are chained to a type of person that we are born to be, and me must find our Other through all of the other Others.

I have not included the song “The Recruit” on this video. Why? Because I forgot actually. It’s too bad, too; I like that one…it’s got a nice riverbed piano. Anyway, you can hear it on the album.

The songs i this video are as follows:

The Preface
The Birth
The Adventure
The Other
Exit Stage Left

The lyrics call all be found on Apple Music or iTunes

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