How to watch VR videos from YouTube?

Follow these easy instructions to learn how to play your files and setup playback, or open videos from YouTube.

Watching files from computer

Suppose, you have a VR video file you want to watch with our player. There are 2 ways to do it.

Add file to media library

  1. Run GizmoVR
  2. Go to Media library section of the left-hand side menu
  3. Click Add folder and show path to your video. The folder you have selected will be added, the files will be displayed.
  4. Open video

Open from virtual desktop

  1. Run GizmoVR
  2. Open Virtual desktop section of the left-hand side menu
  3. Located the file you want to watch, then, double-click it

Video viewing setup

Most likely, you will not have to set up anything. Our smart algorithm will apply the best settings according to the video type. However, if something does not look right, you can always try to change the settings manually.

How to open the settings

  1. Run GizmoVR
  2. Open any video
  3. Click on the player panel

What can be set up

Depending on the file you can specify video type and frame packing for 3D videos. Frame packing is the way to arrange frames for your left and right eyes in the stereo image. Due to the file type frames can have side-by-side or top-to-bottom arrangement. Below you can see a stereo frame with side-by-side packing.

Stereo image, side-by-side frame packing

Apart from frame packing you can specify viewing mode: flat screen, curved screen, 180° field of view, 360° field of view.

Every setting has a dedicated switch.

Frame packing
Frame packing Video type

How to open YouTube videos

Our player can be used to watch VR video from YouTube. All you need to have is a link for it. Compose video playlists, and the player will play the videos in the arranged order.

How to create YouTube playlist

  1. Install GizmoVR
  2. Locate YouTube video you want to watch and copy link
  3. Paste the video link in the playlist creation page
  4. You can add multiple videos. It is also possible to specify frame packing and video type setting for each video separately.
  5. Click Play in Vive/Oculus. Player with your playlist will start. Get your headset on and enjoy!

Playlists can be shared by clicking Share playlist link. You can also save playlists for future use.

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