Trike Wing (REVO) Light Sport Aircraft 360 View (Death Spiral Recovery) Part 1

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Training Aircraft: Revo


My 2nd flight although this was officially my first training flight so I can get my sport pilot's license. I learned how to get out of a death spiral (Last 4 minutes of video), 360 turns, 180 turns, 45 turns.

Flying these types of aircraft is as close as you can get to feeling what a bird feels like. It's also like driving a motorcycle in the air. It offers a feeling of complete freedom and peace. They come with ballistic parachutes in case of a severe emergency. On my first flight we cut the engine about a mile from the airport and easily glided down and landed. These are extremely safe aircraft. They can fly for 180-240 miles on a tank of gas.

Camera: Insta 360 One X

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