DigitalGlobe 360 VR Satellite Launch 3D Experience

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WorldView-4, our newest earth imaging satellite, launches November 11th, 2016. Get ready with our VR Launch Experience. Also available in 2D

While the rest of the crowd is miles away for safety, our VR Launch Experience puts you right on the launch pad as the Atlas V rocket lifts off. You’ll then follow into space to see how a DigitalGlobe satellite is deployed in Earth orbit to begin collecting imagery.

Adding WorldView-4 will help us collect and provide even more new images at the highest commercial resolution available anywhere. See more with WorldView-4. See a better world.™

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About DigitalGlobe
DigitalGlobe is the world’s leading provider of high-resolution Earth imagery, data and analysis. With the most sophisticated commercial satellite constellation in orbit, we create the world’s smartest images, to give customers confidence when making critical decisions. Unmatched imagery quality, global coverage and actionable analytics make us a trusted partner worldwide. See a better world.™

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