Sea Monsters VR Video: Scary Island Monster & Sea Dragon attack a Ship

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A virtual reality video with giant sea monsters attacking a ship.

Watch this vr video with your smartphone and a good vr device like vr box, samsung gear vr, google cardboard or other headset.
Click the 3D YouTube button to watch this 60 fps video in sbs vr format for smartphones + vr devices or stereo anaglyph format for desktop pc.

Description: a 3D giant and scary leviathan island monster emerges from the sea and approaches the ship in order to eat it. Suddenly another sea monster, a giant sea dragon, emerges from the abyss to attack you: it should cause you a great jumpscare.
This video is inspired by sea monsters legends and "twenty thousands league under the sea" novel.

Another sea monster sbs video with a giant kraken octopus here at OniricFlow VR YouTube channel:

The 360 VR version of the same 3d vr video:

OniricFlow VR - Virtual Reality Project:

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Luca Garelli

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