360° KYUSHUxTOKYO - History / Kumamoto

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"360° KYUSHUxTOKYO" is the project that shows you the must-see wonders of Tokyo and prefectures of the Kyushu region, in western Japan, in pairs.
This chapter’s theme is “History”, introducing Odaiba(Tokyo)and Amakusa (Kumamoto)

Waterfront Odaiba brings in the crowds for its 21st century shopping and leisure amenities.
Despite the ultramodern atmosphere, the cannon batteries were built there to defend against the threat of Commodore Perry’s black ships in 1853.
Beyond the cannon batteries (daiba) which give the island its name
are the beautiful arches of Rainbow Bridge.
Odaiba, with a blend of old and new that make it one of Tokyo’s top tourist hotspots, is also a spectacular sight from the water.

Odaiba Marine Park

Amakusa is an archipelago of some 150 islands.
Sakitsu village is known as the location of a number of
heritage sites related to the Hidden Christians.
The grand Sakitsu Church is the symbol of this port town.
It is a most distinguished building established
nearly 100 years ago.
An inscrutable place peppered with the vestiges of the Hidden Christians like graveyards, villages and statues of Shiro Amakusa, leader of the Christians’ Shimabara Rebellion.

Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association

Amakusa City Christian Reference Hall (Graveyards)
(Japanese only)

Amakusa Pearl Center (Statue of Shiro Amakusa)
(Japanese only)

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