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360° CHUGOKU+SHIKOKUxTOKYO" is the project that shows you the must-see wonders of Tokyo and prefectures of Chugoku and Shikoku region, in the western Japan, in pairs.
This chapter is the "Underwater / SHIMANE"

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■TOKYO: Aquarium
The Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro is known for being located above 40 meters tall, with the concept "oasis in the sky."
It exhibits various species from oceans, rivers and lakes.
The aquarium lets you get close to the species with a facility such as “Sunshine Aqua Ring,” the donut-shaped tank installed well above our heads, which is the first in Japan, or the sea lion performance that can be enjoyed 360°.

Please check the website about the opening hours and exhibition information.

Sunshine Aquarium

■SHIMANE: Oki Island
The Oki Islands are made up of 4 populated islands and more than 180 uninhabited islands situated in the north of Shimane Peninsula.
The Oki Islands are famous as a geopark. Even compared to other nature and ecosystems in the world, it is described as “mysterious”, and still remains to be figured out.
It is a great area for diving, offering beautiful underwater views that are blessed by the climate and the Tsushima current. You will also meet many sea creatures, with plenty of seaweed beds and environments for raising fish.

SHIMANE:Oki Island
Oki Island

Okinokuni Diving
http://fish.miracle.ne.jp/oki-dv/(japanese version only)

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