The Arena Chapel / Scrovegni Chapel VR Tour Pt.1 (8k 360 vr)

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This is 'Part I' of a 360/VR virtual tour of the Scrovegni Chapel, also known as the "Arena" Chapel, in Padua, Italy.

The municipality of Padova gave me permission to 3D scan the chapel in January 2020, just 1 month before the COVID-19 outbreak shut down all cultural heritage and archaeological sites in Italy.

Although the Scrovegni Chapel is closed for the foreseeable future, you can now visit it virtually! And be sure to make a stop in Padova to visit the Scrovegni Chapel in person on your next trip to Italy or Venice :)

As part of my PhD research, I have digitized a number of archaeological and cultural heritage sites in Italy and around the world. In light of the current crisis, I'll be making these available through 360/VR videos for "virtual visits". Stay tuned for more to come!

Check out a 3D model of the Arena Chapel here:

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