India's First High Altitude VR Footage| 4K/360° | MISSION 100Kft | CUSAT, KERALA

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Mission100kft's High Altitude Payload (HAP-1) successfully completed its first flight! A unique venture by the students of CUSAT under the guidance of ACARR during our annual tech fest Dhishna2020 . In a nutshell we hope to send a payload into the near space region and retrieve it via a guided shuttle. This is the media release from our first test flight of the HAP!

This video recaps the 3Hr+ flight in 4K/360°.

Move your handheld device and enjoy the spectacular view, shot on the Gopro Max 360°.

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Mission100kft is an initiative by the students and faculty of the Electronics and Communication Department, SOE, CUSAT who enthusiatically go by the motto "Propelling Dreams".
We will feature a live test during our annual Tech fest DHISHNA2020, working alongside a world class establishment, ACARR (Advanced Centre of Atmospheric Radar Research).
A pre-flight payload assessment found that all systems checked the necessary boxes in terms of its communication and visual systems.

The HAP-1 is equipped with higher-resolution, wide-field-of-view color navigation cameras to capture some beautiful footage of our planet. The on-board flight computers have been developed in our labs incorporating 3 modes of communication between the ground station and the payload. It also comes equipped with state-of-the-art thermal systems to help function at the extreme cold of such an altitude.

In a 3Hr+ marathon on 26 December 2019 saw the HAP-1 put to the test launching from our launchpad at Wayanad to the target altitude. The payload came back to the surface with all systems still operational and no situation of LOS during the whole flight.

The HAP-1 is part of a larger program that includes missions to much higher altitudes and incorporating concepts such as automated guidance. The official video footage captured by the on-board cameras will be released soon on all our official handles where viewers can experience our beautiful home in 4K/360°.

We look forward to your presence!!

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