Lions 360 VIDEO of Planet Zoo

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VR 360 VIDEO (Virtual Reality Video 360 degree) for Google Cardboard VR Box, Oculus Rift VR, Oculus Quest VR, Playstation 4 VR, PSVR VR VIDEOS 360

What is this video about?
I created a 360 degree video of lions in Planet Zoo.
I added additional effects and in-game audiotracks to enhance the experience even more.
Video editor / post production: Adobe Premiere
Time effort: 3 days
360° allows you experience my gameplay on your VR headset or to move the camera in 360° by using your touch screen or your mouse.

Enjoy this Planet Zoo 360 experience on your VR headset to feel like being there.

Dowbload Planet Zoo from Steam:

YouTube Streaming Permission by Steam/Valve:

Channel information:

This channel creates and provides videos for Virtual Reality based on real life events and video games by using the latest hardware- and software technology. If you want to publish your VR video on this monetized VR channel, feel free to contact me.

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