Northern Lights over Kluane Lake, Yukon, Canada (15K 360)

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A 360 timelapse of the Northern Lights reflecting off of Kluane Lake in Canada's Yukon Territory during a geomagnetic storm.

Kluane Lake is the largest lake in the Yukon Territory, and is hard to miss while driving the Alcan. Wary travelers typically stop here to take in the sights, watch the bears, and otherwise take a break before travelling the last 150 mile stretch of the Canadian side of the Alcan (it is usually pretty torn up due to frost heaves, and can be a very taxing drive).

This 360 timelapse was shot at 15K, but due to YouTube limitations, it tops out at 8K. One day the tech will exist to show these videos at their max resolution, but as of today, we'll have to settle for our technological limitations.

There is also a real time video online filmed this same night at the same place, so if you are curious to compare this timelapse to how the aurora looks and moves as if you were watching it from underneath, be sure to check it out:

You also might be interested in the real time video shot at Tombstone Territorial Park 24 Hours earlier (same geomagnetic storm):

And the Timelapse:

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