360° HOKURIKUxTOKYO – Spring/Cherry Blossoms

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360° HOKURIKUxTOKYO" is the project that shows you the must-see wonders of Tokyo and prefectures of the Hokuriku region, in western Japan, in pairs.
This chapter’s theme is “Spring”, introducing the beautiful Cherry Blossoms of Tokyo and Toyama.

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Around Tokyo Station: This area offers a variety of historical buildings and high-rises that create a backdrop that combines the old with the new.

TORAYA TOKYO: Visitors to Tokyo Station can view the red brick interior of TORAYA TOKYO up close where they can enjoy Japanese confectioneries.

Tokyo Midtown: Experience art day and night all around Tokyo Midtown.

Matsukawa Park: Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the cherry blossom tunnel as you look up from a river cruise in the park.

Nanto-Inami: This town is famous for its wood carvings. Drinking sake from a wooden sake cup that you carved is a special treat.

Suganuma village at Gokayama: A peaceful and beautiful village of thatched roof houses.

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